Blueprint 2.0

Part I

The starting point for Blueprint 2.0 is the 2011 Blueprint for Student Attainment, which was one of the first priorities of the re-established university vice presidential office responsible for Regional Campuses, now the Office of the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs (OEVPUAA). The original Blueprint was built on a previously adopted Shared Vision and Mission statement, and over 100 faculty and staff members participated in the development of priorities, strategies, and actions. The Blueprint was enthusiastically received by the Trustees of Indiana University, by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, and by elected leaders of the State of Indiana. Internally, three new groups were formed to facilitate the communication and collaboration called for by the Blueprint: the Regional Campus chancellors became the Regional Campus Cabinet; the Regional Faculty Caucus consists of the presidents of the Regional Campus faculty governance bodies; and the Regional Campus vice chancellors for academic affairs, combined with senior OEVPUAA academic staff, form the Center for Regional Campus Excellence.

To create the Blueprint 2.0 plan, OEVPUAA’s University Academic and Regional Affairs (UARA) staff began the process of updating the original Blueprint by identifying initiatives which that document had called for, but which had not yet been started, as well as new and ongoing initiatives, in order to create a draft spreadsheet organized by focus areas. The various Blueprint Advisory Committees, consisting of campus representatives, reviewed the draft spreadsheet and made recommendations for modifications or additions. UARA staff converted the spreadsheet into a more formal strategic plan format, leading ultimately to a first draft. The draft was widely circulated throughout the Regional Campuses, including the chancellors, executive vice chancellors, faculty presidents, deans, and faculty, staff, and students. Successive drafts were posted to the IU Regional Commons website ( for all to comment. Following revision and incorporation of the Bicentennial Strategic Plan for Indiana University priorities and actions, the draft was recirculated and posted on the IU Regional Commons site for comment, prior to adoption by the Regional Campus Cabinet.