Blueprint 2.0


The Regional Campuses of Indiana University have two identities that are inseparable and mutually reinforcing, yet strong and distinct. The Regional Campuses are an integral part of Indiana University; they award Indiana University degrees, they uphold the standards of IU, and they enroll approximately one-third of IU students. Their primary educational mission places them on the front lines of IU’s commitment to the State of Indiana for education and development, and they are in the forefront of the state’s commitment to increase the number of Hoosiers holding baccalaureate and postgraduate degrees.

At the same time, the Regional Campuses have distinctive identities that are part of the unique areas in which they are located and which they serve. These identities are also based on decades-old campus communities and cultures. The campuses will only be truly successful in their mission by embracing and maintaining these distinctive identities and connections. They offer welcoming and supportive educational communities for students and faculty, which respond to regional educational needs and constitute part of the fabric of particular regions. The great majority of Regional Campus graduates remain in the regions where they attended IU, and the campuses’ communities take tremendous and justified pride in their campuses. The Regional Campuses are Indiana University in their communities and regions.

Looking to the future, the Regional Campuses of Indiana University must embrace and enhance both the collective and individual identities. Strategic planning and subsequent implementation must assure that the two identities are indeed mutually reinforcing. Consequently, the shared mission, Bicentennial vision, and strategies of the Regional Campuses of Indiana University incorporate and complement, but do not
replace, the individual missions of each regional campus. Thus, Part I of this document sets out shared strategies, and Part II collects the strategic plans of each individual campus. Both advance the shared and individual identities of the campuses.

This new shared strategic plan, Blueprint 2.0, builds on the Blueprint for Student Attainment, which the IU Regional Campuses adopted in 2011. Blueprint 2.0 reflects the major changes envisioned in the original Blueprint, which the campuses have been actively engaged in implementing since its completion. Blueprint 2.0 describes the strategies that the regional campuses will pursue and the actions they will take—
collectively and individually—during the time period leading up to IU’s Bicentennial Year, in order to achieve their mission and vision.

Blueprint 2.0 also advances the Bicentennial Strategic Plan for Indiana University. The Regional Campuses intend to be leaders in advancing three of IU’s Bicentennial Priorities: A Commitment to Student Success, A Community of Scholars, and Building a Prosperous and Innovative Indiana. These priorities are central to the Regional Campus mission, and the campuses individually and collectively already embrace and act
on these priorities. Indeed, the Blueprint’s shared strategies for completion (2), accessible and affordable education (3), and connecting with careers (4) directly address the student success Bicentennial Priority; and the Blueprint engagement strategy includes elements of the Bicentennial Priorities for education, health, economic development, and a culture of building and making. The Regional Campuses can also actively contribute to the remainder of the Bicentennial Priorities, and many of the Action Items under each element of the Bicentennial Strategic Plan involve the Regional Campuses. Connections with the Bicentennial Strategic Plan are indicated in red throughout the text of Blueprint 2.0.

Following a process seeking broad input, Blueprint 2.0 was adopted by the Regional Campus Cabinet on February 18, 2015. The IU Board of Trustees delegated to the President the approval of campus strategic plans as consistent with the Bicentennial Strategic Plan for Indiana University. The President approved Blueprint 2.0 on February 26, 2015.

John S. Applegate
Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs

Kathryn Cruz-Uribe
Chancellor, IU East

Susan Sciame-Giesecke
Chancellor, IU Kokomo

William Lowe
Chancellor, IU Northwest

Terry L. Allison
Chancellor, IU South Bend

Ray Wallace
Chancellor, IU Southeast