Blueprint 2.0

Blueprint 2.0: The Bicentennial Strategic Plan for the Regional Campuses of Indiana University is the culmination of a concerted endeavor by the entire IU Regional Campus community to identify and develop objectives for advancing the campuses’ collaboration and the Bicentennial Strategic Plan for Indiana University.

The quest for discovery of commonalities and the development of action plans involved every Regional Campus, and it has been one of the most important large-scale planning exercises carried out at Indiana University.

Great public universities serve as doors of opportunity for thousands of the best students from all backgrounds and all income levels. The Regional Campuses must be first-choice institutions for Hoosier students who seek baccalaureate degrees or selected master’s degrees in a setting that is close to
home and provides both flexibility and the resources of a major public university.

The Regional Campuses are thus on the front line in advancing three of IU’s Bicentennial Priorities: A Commitment to Student Success, A Community of Scholars, and Building a Prosperous and Innovative Indiana. These priorities are at the very heart of the Regional Campus mission.

As with the original Blueprint for Student Attainment of 2011Blueprint 2.0 represents a comprehensive plan that includes both individual campus goals and shared objectives. This process of strategic renewal will enable Indiana University to meet the educational challenges of the next century by graduating soundly educated, highly motivated, and well prepared individuals who will contribute to the growth, prosperity, and well-being of their regions, Indiana, the nation, and the world.